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Buying & Selling Tips


  • Try to have several properties under consideration – this will help to compare prices and avoid disappointment.
  • Don’t make your best offer first unless you know someone has already bid higher than yourself. You can always go higher but dropping your offer creates bad feeling.
  • If you have a buyer or are a first time buyer this will put you in a better position to act quickly. Stress this to the vendor and use it as a negotiating tool.
  • Calculate your costs of moving. Find out if carpets, curtains and other items are included. Research the stamp duty and legal fees payable on purchase.
  • We strongly recommend you have an independent valuation and survey before committing to the property (see our section on residential surveys).
  • Finally, ensure you have funding before you start the process. We are in contact with a mortgage broker who would be pleased to advise you on the best deal for you in the market at the time.


  • Make sure your property is clean and tidy and if necessary “de-clutter” and store items in garage or loft.
    undertake decoration where required.
  • The approach to the property is important so have flower tubs renewed, lawns mowed and drives cleaned or resurfaced.
  • Find out if your buyers have funding and if they are first time buyers or have a buyer for their property or if indeed it is on the market!
  • Ensure you understand the fees basis to be charged by your agent and solicitor and remember there is VAT to pay.
  • Ask for a set of details from your agent and check all details are correct. You also will be able to give details to anyone who calls “on spec”.